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Conflux Announces Beta Launch of AxHKD: A Hong Kong Dollar-Backed Stablecoin

The global cryptocurrency network Conflux is proud to announce the beta launch of AxHKD, a stablecoin backed by the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). Developed in collaboration with AnchorX, AxHKD is primed to significantly improve the digital currency landscape in Asia and beyond.


AnchorX kicked off officially with the launch of this stablecoin. The company, committed to providing reliable global exchanges, believes that with Conflux as a partner, scalability and security will be at their best. 


With AxHKD on Conflux, users can experience a secure 1:1 peg to the HKD, backed by high-quality reserves and regulated custodianship through OKLink Trust.


AxHKD serves a dual purpose within the financial ecosystem. The first is to facilitate Global Payments—AxHKD simplifies cross-border transactions between Hong Kong/China and the rest of the world, offering new opportunities and efficient solutions for businesses and individuals alike.


The second is enabling Innovative Asset Trading. As a trusted fiat-on-chain solution, AxHKD unlocks new possibilities in virtual asset trading, providing stability and reliability for traders seeking exposure to fiat currencies.


The beta launch of AxHKD is a significant milestone in the evolution of digital currencies, particularly within the Asian market. 


Conflux is committed to providing a robust and secure platform for the testing and deployment of AxHKD, ensuring that users can transact with confidence and peace of mind.


During this beta phase, users will experience the benefits of AxHKD firsthand and provide valuable feedback further to enhance the stability and usability of the stablecoin.


"We are excited to facilitate the beta-testing of AxHKD on our platform," said Mr EhisOmzusi, Regional marketing lead at Conflux Africa.


"This partnership with AnchorX is a banner to our commitment to driving innovation and accessibility in the digital currency space. We believe AxHKD has the potential to revolutionize cross-border payments between Asia and Africa, opening business up to collaboration and growth across both continents.”



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