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The Conflux Hub

The Conflux Hub is an interactive collection of web-based apps for crypto-based transactions. It first requires the user to connect cryptocurrency wallets with installed apps - Fluent and MetaMask. Fluent is a ‘simple and secure’ Conflux wallet built for Web3 while MetaMask is built for Defining, Web3 Dapps and NFTs. Both apps can be downloaded as extensions to be used with the Conflux Hub. With the extensions installed, there are three apps within the hub where the user can perform transactions. The apps and their uses are as follows: 1. eSpace Bridge, the user can transfer assets between two channels and in two ways. The app also gives a step-by-step procedure to perform these transactions. a. Multiple tokens can be transferred between Conflux Core and Conflux eSpace; To Conflux Core from Fluent and to Conflux eSpace from MetaMask. b. Only CFX can be transferred between BSC and Conflux eSpace.

2. ShuttleFlow allows the user to convert value from one coin to another in Cross-Chain activities with Conflux addresses only. The app allows transactions with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, OKExChain, Huobi ECO Chain, Conflux and Bitcoin. The app also stores transaction histories for reference. 3. eSpace Airdrop is used to issue and receive airdrops. Conflux eSpace projects will get liquidity incentives from the Conflux Foundation by issuing airdrops to Conflux PoS stakes. Within the app, users can check and claim with Pos stakes account(with Fluent), receive airdrops on eSpace (with MetaMask) and view claimable tokens (with MetaMask).

The Conflux Hub is a safe and easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency transactions.

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